11 Months

Elizabeth Rylie, you are almost one year old!  You've blossomed this month and are much more a little girl than a baby.  You can stand on your own, eat adult foods, talk up a storm, and can manipulate your toys so that they do what you are trying to accomplish.  You adore books and will sit for many minutes just flipping through them.

Stats:  Just shy of 18 pounds!  You also have two very cute bottom teeth, with top ones on their way.

Likes:  Eating (mostly healthy adult food, with a few pouches thrown in a few times a week), nursing, terrorizing Mackie, slides, getting in to the cabinets, bath time, and climbing stairs.  You are an active little girl and are only still when you are asleep!

Dislikes: Diaper changes.

Milestones: Moving to TEXAS, trying to stand up on her own, cutting her two bottom teeth, going down the stairs properly, signs 'milk', 'more', 'all done', 'daddy', and 'dog'.  Knows many commands ('look at me', 'mommy/daddy does it', 'please leave it alone', 'come here').  In her own baby language says: 'dog', 'diaper', 'daddy', 'bunny' and 'milk' (no mama yet...stubborn girl).

Party sneak peak!

Since Elizabeth is a winter baby, I thought it would be fun to have a hot chocolate bar set up at her party!  Nothing Christmasy, just wintery!

Chalkboard signs are a must

And lots of goodies to add to your cup

And dipped mallows too!

I'm still on the hunt for the ultimate hot cocoa recipe, though.  If you have one, please share!


Honest Co. love

I'm SO behind in life right now. 6+ articles to submit for MSW, I haven't even STARTED on Es 11 month post, and I have a pile of crap to take to the dry cleaners. And her 1st birthday is in like 3 weeks so that's all-consuming. Anyone want to convince my MIL to make a healthy vegan cake for my daughters smash cake? I sure don't :/

Anyways, if you have been on the fence about The Honest Co. products, just do it. Awesomeness.  The leave-in conditioner (I use it for myself since E has no hair), floor cleaner, dish soap, healing balm (CD safe!  Woohoo!), hand soap, and the bathroom and surface cleaners are all wonderful. If you use this link, I get 20.00 referral credit (just being honest)! They have trial packs that you only pay shipping on, too.

Ok, back to reality.  I would like to have all the laundry put away before B gets home from work. And maybe even have dinner finished cooking.  Maybe.



Do you know how long Google says it takes to drive from Camp Pendleton to Colleyville, TX? 20 hours. Do you know long it took us?  28 freaking hours. 12 the first day + 16 the second day.  28. Oh, but we did get 4 hours of sleep in the hotel.  I woke up with a baby on my boob (I don't fully remember putting her there) and the dog taking up 3/4s of the bed. Hubby was in his own bed. Super fair, I know.

Did I mention it took us 28 hours? We must have stopped a thousand times. And only twice were because of E, and once due to my bladder.

8am.  And that's a venti.

It took 10000000 hours to get from El Paso to Dallas.

Stretching her legs.

Mackie freaked out every time I passed him. It was great.

Bye, home.  You'll be missed.


On the move

We're heading out tomorrow for Texas!  Once we get settled I'll be able to get back into a writing groove.  I've been a horrible blogger these past few months as our lives have been totally backwards.

So peace out, Cali.  You've been great.  I'll miss our church, my best friends, living 3 miles from the ocean, Stroller Strides, and our street.


10 months!

My dear sweet little girl, you are 10 months old!  You are so smart, clever, and beautiful.  Your smiles are contagious and you literally make everyone who sees you smile.  You love to look through your books and be read to, and play independently very well.  Your chunky little thighs are so ticklish, and you laugh and try to escape when I give you tickles.  Lincoln is your best friend and you both love your play dates together.  Ya'll will stand at the coffee table and stuff as many puffs in your mouths as possible and then proceeded to destroy the house.  Elizabeth Rylie, you are such an amazing source of joy to daddy and me.

Stats: 16 pounds, 12 ounces (as of 10/8). I think she is about the same height (2'3"). She has been sick all week, so I believe that is why she is a few ounces less than last month.

Likes: Food (puffs, black beans, toast that has been grilled in coconut oil, mango, and anything in pouch-form)  This girl loves to eat and gets so excited any time she sees food!  She is still obsessed with her motorcycle and runs all over the house with it.  She discovered how great slides are and crawls to the edge, lays on her tummy, and then slides down, laughing the whole time.  Baths are a favorite, and you are obsessed with bubbles. Oh, and Cherrios (but she only get them at the nursery at church).

Dislikes: Still diaper changes!  It's horrible, and I have no idea why she is so against having a dry diaper.  She is also entering the phase where she hates getting buckled in to her car seat.

Milestones: Going down slides, signing and saying dog (dah), signing milk, and doing many of the motions for The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

7:30/8:00- wake up
5:30-dinner (solids)
6:30-Bath, books, boob, and in bed by 7:00.  Daddy does bath time so mommy can get a few minutes alone.



Short update

Peanut is sick, so you'll have to pardon the lack of blogging.  Her 10 month update is completed, but I haven't been able to take her normal 10 month pictures due to her being so under the weather.

After 3 solid days of having a fever and a newly-developed cough, hubby and I threw in the towel and Izy has a doctor appointment this afternoon.  She was in last week for pink eye (she was a snot bucket since she cut HER FIRST TOOTH!!!!) and well, little hands trying to wipe their own noses doesn't end well.  That's all cleared up and her nose, while still a faucet, is clear.  But the cough is worrisome to this first time mommy!

I've also been super busy with writing for MSW, as well as packing up the house (18 days left) and prepping for my last ever California Scentsy party.  Oh!  And E and I went to MommyCon up in LA on the 6th (it was awesome!!).