We're alive!

Here's a month-by-month rundown of our lives these past 5 months!

December: E turned 1! Her party was so cute and she was terrified of the cake smash.

January: E started walking on the 21st.

February: I had a 3 week stint as a nanny.  It didn't work out and I had to quit (sad). We all 3 got the stomach flu, and then I got the regular flu a week after that. I also stopped being a doormat to some family members. We went on a family vacation with B's whole family (Colorado) and his little brother got engaged.

March: Started a serious house hunt (FINALLY). Had the biggest medical scare of my life.  Got pneumonia and had a chest x-ray done.  The doctor saw a mass and said I need to see my regular doctor.  He also saw something.  Went in for a CT and it came back clear-it's probably just scar tissue (from what, they have no idea).  Longest 5 days of my life. Went to Chicago to visit my family and friends (two of my bffs hadn't met E yet). My bff from California came to visit.

April: Still house hunting. Put in 5 offers between March and April. Was played by the realtor of our dream home. Found a for sale by owner and IT is our dream home (starter dream, not forever dream). Put an offer in this morning. Rnd a 5k in 34 minutes.  Well, it was 3.4 miles, not 3.1.  So still a 10min/mile, without walking, which was great for me!

House hunting has sucked, but being in a tiny apartment with a baby and lab for 6 months has been even worse. Praying our apartment time will be over in 30 days.

Honesty---> We have been trying to get pregnant since December. That's been really really depressing. God has a plan though and there's no changing that!

I've been super busy writing for MSW, but I've missed writing about our lives, too. I miss California (our church, the beach, friends, and food) and the Marines like CRAZY. I keep having to remind myself that that chapter is over. Maybe once a week I'll be sad about it all, but that's much better than I was a few months ago. I've been making friends and have started up with Stroller Strides again (yay!!). This has been a difficult season, but it looks like Spring is near and I'm very thankful for that!!

E updates: Still a peanut (20 pounds and 29 inches at 16 months old). A climbing, running, talking, fearless machine. She doesn't stop and I love it. She's so smart and loving.  It's the best.

B updates: Working as a contractor and loves it. He's the happiest I've seen him since flight school!!


  1. Wow, okay I have soo many questions. I've been thinking about watching another child as well, curious to know why it didn't work out? I'm worried it will be too much work and that Ais will get neglected. SOO glad you're back!

  2. She started walking on my son's birthday. Special! I really hope you get the house and I'm praying for you to get pregnant soon! It took about 5-6 months for me to get pregnant the second time!

  3. I still miss military life but it has gotten easier.
    What a busy few months!
    Prayers for you.