17 months old

Our little bunny is 17 months!

She's still a peanut, at 20 pounds and 29.5 inches.

Has 8 teeth and is constantly gnawing on her hands, so more must be on their way.

Says lots of words, but mostly only the 1st syllable.  Says car, mama (FINALLY), dada, dog, thank you, please (pees), shower (shou), teeth (teeeeee), food (fffffff), brother (bra (for Mackie)), banana (nana), sit, jump, eye, nose, ear...etc.

Knows what noises some animals/items make. A lot of animals say 'rawr' ;)

Knows the basic body parts, and now we are working on things like elbow, fingers, and forehead.

Has zero idea about shapes and colors, but can count to three.

Has become a very picky eater.  Her food groups include all fruit, greek yogurt, cheese, hummus, frozen peas, Bunny Grahams, and tamales.  We have stopped giving her pouches and she only drinks water or breast milk.

Yup, still nursing. 2-3 times a day (bedtime, morning, and if she wakes up in the middle of the night and WILL NOT fall back asleep. Thankfully that only happens a few times a week).

She loves books, eating crayons, going to the park, following the "big kids" around, Mackie, and pulling out every toy she owns.

Has started climbing on everything and has zero fear, despite some impressive (scary) falls.

Gives older toddler hugs at the park, but doesn't like the kids that are smaller than her.

Not really into arts and crafts yet (see: 'eats crayons').

Tantrums have started this month, but are thankfully short-lived. Depending on the cause I either: ignore, give cuddles while talking about what happened (aka she trips and gets angry she fell), or remove her from the situation (while telling her she isn't behaving appropriately) and put her into a corner for timeout. Timeout can-and do-occur anywhere (Target being the most recent). She knows she can come out of time out when she is calm and is ready to say sorry, which right now is a big tear-filled hug.

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  1. Happy 17 months E!
    And Happy Military Spouse day to you Michelle!