Do you know how long Google says it takes to drive from Camp Pendleton to Colleyville, TX? 20 hours. Do you know long it took us?  28 freaking hours. 12 the first day + 16 the second day.  28. Oh, but we did get 4 hours of sleep in the hotel.  I woke up with a baby on my boob (I don't fully remember putting her there) and the dog taking up 3/4s of the bed. Hubby was in his own bed. Super fair, I know.

Did I mention it took us 28 hours? We must have stopped a thousand times. And only twice were because of E, and once due to my bladder.

8am.  And that's a venti.

It took 10000000 hours to get from El Paso to Dallas.

Stretching her legs.

Mackie freaked out every time I passed him. It was great.

Bye, home.  You'll be missed.

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  1. I hate to admit this to you, but honestly, this made me laugh a little! You're a trooper! I hope you enjoy all the new things coming your way.