Honest Co. love

I'm SO behind in life right now. 6+ articles to submit for MSW, I haven't even STARTED on Es 11 month post, and I have a pile of crap to take to the dry cleaners. And her 1st birthday is in like 3 weeks so that's all-consuming. Anyone want to convince my MIL to make a healthy vegan cake for my daughters smash cake? I sure don't :/

Anyways, if you have been on the fence about The Honest Co. products, just do it. Awesomeness.  The leave-in conditioner (I use it for myself since E has no hair), floor cleaner, dish soap, healing balm (CD safe!  Woohoo!), hand soap, and the bathroom and surface cleaners are all wonderful. If you use this link, I get 20.00 referral credit (just being honest)! They have trial packs that you only pay shipping on, too.

Ok, back to reality.  I would like to have all the laundry put away before B gets home from work. And maybe even have dinner finished cooking.  Maybe.

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