I went to sleep last night at 9ish and woke up at noon.  It felt so good to get so much sleep!!  Of course, I wish B was in bed cuddling with me, but he will be soon enough.  Once I was awake and ready for the day I swung over to the grocery store to get some ingredients to make gooey butter cake and spiced cookies with cream cheese frosting for tonights farewell BBQ over at the COs house.

I don't have a picture of the spice cookies, but I just used my beloved cake batter cookie recipe and simply used spice cake mix instead.  Once the cookies cool I'll frost them up with some cream cheese frosting (I just googled a recipe, noting fancy).

B went out with his uncle (who is a Marine pilot) last night and I guess they just got beyond wasted.  So B is huddled up in his bed, wishing he were dead from how hungover he is.  And it serves him right.  It just annoys me when he gets like that, and I wasn't even there!

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