To Pass the Time

It's become very apparent this past week that I am the military wife who needs to do stuff while her husband is gone.  Having a job is obviously not enough, because I felt the need to spend my Sunday hanging pictures, fixing the bedroom up, and assembling a late wedding gift (which was SO needed).

We have a coffee table now!!  No more Rubbermade container!  Now to get rid of the other two...

I bought a bedframe last week off http://pendleton.bookoo.com/ (aka the best website ever).  We put our old one in the guest room so his parents wouldn't be sleeping on the floor when they helped us move in...back in July.  However, we never bought ourselves one.  So I got that all set up.  But with the bedframe came the need for a bedskirt.
Interesting fact:  At our local BB&B they ONLY sell California King bedding, not king.  Out in the Midwest it's the opposite.
But I made it work, and now I feel like we have a grown-up bedroom as opposed to the frat-room we had going before.  I also hung up a wedding gift from one of my bridesmaids, Ashley.  B was proud of me for actually USING a tape measure and level.  Normally when I hang things I kinda half-ass it and it hangs all wonky.  Having something hanging over the bed makes me happy.  Again, more grown-up and less like I'm still sleeping in a frat.

I also hung up the very sweet poems B's mom wrote for us in our bathroom.  She gave them to us at our rehearsal dinner and they made me cry :)

I did a few other odds and ends...hung up Bs kilt on one of the walls in our bedroom, and reinforced some hooks that B installed with drywall screws because they pulled out of the drywall.  The house we are renting was built in the early 90's (we think) and has some weird quarks about it.  One if which is that we can't find a single stud in the entire house.  I'm not kidding.  Bs dad is a contractor and B spend his youth installing and finishing drywall.  Neither man could find a stud when we moved in and were decorating.

Today was spent being lazy and only getting a few things done that I needed to.  But I did get an oil change (1,1000 miles over-due), a pedicure, and almost all the ingredients needed to make a ton of lasagna for the spaghetti dinner on Thursday.  Walmart didn't have any ricotta cheese...lame.  But all I did tonight was brown the beef anyways (all 8 pounds of it.  Ew.  Ground meat sleeves me out).

If you stalk follow my Tweets then you know I had the worlds hardest time with the pedicure lady this afternoon.  I couldn't understand a word she said...and I got by just fine in Japan for two months!!  I was so embarrassed!!  Whatever she did cost me an extra 10 dollars, but my feet are so soft, and she drew little flowers on my big toes with glitter and pink rhinestones.  I'm so going back.


  1. just found your blog through Lacey's! I love it..very cute.

    I'm having a monogrammed lucite tray giveaway for the home so come enter if you haven't yet! one day left! wwww.lovenotesinabox.blogspot.com


  2. I think the pedi's out here are different from back home, and not too sure if I like it yet. But looks like you have had a productive couple of days. Good luck with the lasagna! (I haven't mastered that yet)
    PS- Please check out my last post... A surprise for you!

  3. Rosemary, Yay, thanks you!! I'll fill it out soon! I personally LOVE the pedicures out here...it's how they do them in Okinawa and that just makes me so happy :)

  4. OMG, I feel the same way about ground beef. The smell and the texture oog me out. I mean, it tastes great but I don't want to cook it.

    That's totally one of my best memories of our first year married...hanging stuff and making our apartment look like less of a dorm room. So glad you're taking pictures! I forgot to and years later, I really, really wish I had them.