Missing B

Dude.  I just miss my husband.  I miss my best friend.  I'm not ashamed to say I miss him when he's just been gone a week.  Hell, I tend to miss him when he's just at work 10 miles away!

I met another Marine wife this week, and she really make me think.  It's OK to miss the love of your life-no matter where he is, how long he will be gone, or how long he as already been gone for.

IT'S OK!!!!!!  Missing him doesn't make you weak.  It makes you human.  We are strong women already.  We don't need to pretend to be fine, when all we want to say is "I miss him a lot today".  Because every military wife already know exactly how the other one feels-we don't need to pretend.


  1. this was an inspiring post!! good for you for being strong! keep it up :-)

  2. Good post! I miss my Marine lots. :( But anyways, hang in there! xo

  3. Love this post! So true! Right now I'm living 520 miles from my husband! I truly feel your pain!!! It will get better in time though and it only makes your love stronger :)