Week Recap

Sorry about my rant yesterday.  I was exhausted and when I'm sleep deprived I am a bitch...there's no way around it.

Anyways, first order of business.  My wine consumption has greatly increased since B has been gone.  Mainly because he hates the smell of wine so I drink beer when we drink together.  But also because I quit being a snob and bought a bottle of Trader Joe's wine (1.99/bottle).  It's so so good.
This baby holds 1/2 a bottle.  It's heavy.

Last night I went to my first ever Growth Group at our church.  My group is for military wives and we are reading Bad Girls of the Bible.  Yesterday was a 'meet and greet' and I already love every girl there!  There are just 9 of us, including the two leaders.  I was one of the oldest, at 25.  The rest were under 22, except for two other girls who are 27.  And I had been married the shortest amount of time.  A couple of girls were married to their high school sweethearts, which I thought was so cute.  We were all creepy and came home and friended each other on fb, which totally made me smile.  Anyways, I can't even express how thankful I am to have these girls...and it is only week 1!

Work this week was long, simply because I had to be there at 5am.  But THANKFULLY G woke up is a happy mood all three days.  Thank God.  She is such a nightmare in the mornings (I can say that w/o feeling bad because I am the exact same way.  Just ask B).  Thursday was cute because I had on my obnoxious silver sparkly Toms and G flipped out because she has sparkly shoes too!!!!!!  So she bounded right out of bed and put on her silver LA Lights and was a happy camper.
Stuff officially started for B at work today, and he already feels exhausted.  5-7 more weeks babe!!  But we did get to Skype last night before I passed out, so that was great.  His internet connection is pretty horrific but I'm so happy I could kinda make out his face!

Next week I have stuff to go to three nights in a row...I'm so excited!  I realize how lame that makes me sound, but I am much happier with a close group of people than tons of randoms.  And I treasure every second B and I have together, wether we go out or not.  So call me a homebody or just lame, I don't care.  I'm a happy little camper!

And some of the BEST news of the week is this:  Dana asked me to be her Maid of Honor!!  So in honor of us being the most OCD, obnoxious bffs ever, here is a brief montage:

'08 in Colorado

'08 at a bar

'07 at Iowa

'11 in Chicago last weekend

Yay life!


  1. I have those same TOMs. Go us! :)

  2. Haha, glad I'm not the only one! B always acts so embarrassed when I wear them out ;)