Happy Monday!

Today is off to a great start!  Insanity was really tough this morning...my quads got a major work out!  I remeasured myself yesterday and lost an inch in my waist and hips, but grew in my arms and thighs (which I'm actually fine with-it's just muscle!).  In these two weeks I KNOW I've gotten stronger, which is a huge confidence boost!

After working out I waited for B to get to work so I could say good morning and get a hug and kiss.  The ONLY thing I hate about morning work outs is that we miss our morning cuddling.  Sad face.  So anyways, I told B that I would bake lots of goodies for his guys-which is what I'm doing right now!  The house smells delicious, and I might have eaten a few bited of cookie dough while I was waiting for my oatmeal to cool off.

Speaking of which, one of the reasons that today has already been so great is that my favorite oatmeal, BetterOats, was on sale 5 for $5!  I was so excited!
These are the three I've had so far, and they are so so good.  If you shop at Albertson's, go hunt these bad boys down!!

The cookies I'm making are Cake Batter Cookies.  I found them via Pintrest (duh), but click in the link to go straight to the blog they are from!  I've never made cookies using cake batter as a base before, and the dough was a bit oily.  But I just ate one fresh from the oven, and it is pretty yummy!  I used yellow cake mix and 1/2c. of chocolate chips and 1/2c. butterscotch chips.  The next batch will be with french vanilla cake mix and the full cup of chocolate chips.  I also baked the second dozen for 8 minutes instead of 10 and they came out much better-I like my cookies chewy and not browned on the bottom.  I'm not sure what the next two batches of cookies will be... possibly some Hello Dollies or something with sweetened condensed milk since I have like 3 extra cans of the stuff!

If you have any cookie recommendations let me know!


  1. Oh goodness! Those cookies look yummy! I love Gooey Butter Cookies. So easy...

    Have a fun baking day!

  2. Oh, yum!!! I'll have to try those next time!

  3. I made those cake batter cookies! They are great. I used white chocolate chips, and now my mind is churning wondering if chocolate cake mix would be even better?! Thanks for the link!