Monday Update

First off, the cookies were a huge hit!  I asked the guys for everyones birthdays so I can bring in treats to help them celebrate.  They were so excited!

I totally forgot one of the reasons today was so awesome!  THEY ARE OPENING A CHIPOTLE DOWN THE STREET!!!  Holy crap, I'm so excited!  Chipotle is one of those "healthy treats"that I have every month or so.  I get the veggie bowl with guac, black beans, pico, corn salsa, rice (duh), and lettuce (you'll be quizzed on that later).

B and I have over 400.00 of store credit to use at Macy's, so B gave the green light to go get some new clothes.  My wardrobe is wayyyy outdated.  It's pretty much all college clothing, and no color (I just tend to wear dark colors).  After dropping off the cookies and saying hi, I went over to Macy's to see what that had.  In short: not much.  Everything was so trendy, that I just couldn't justify spending money on tops that will 'look' 2011 next year.  I wanted button downs, cardigans, solid, embellished, nice tanks...that kind of thing.  I ended up getting a pair of Miss Me jeans and a nice tank, and they was it.  B and I are going to go back on Saturday and check through the racks again.

Ok, yall have a good night!

PS, we are watching Scrubs right now.  Dr. Accula...hahah!

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