Safari Park, take 2

After Insanity this morning I sped through my shower (showers in the shops are gross, fyi) and drove over to Starbucks as fast as I could.  I knew I was going to be needing some espresso if I was going to make it taking the kids to the Safari Park.  Two kids.  A double stroller.  Warm weather...that crawled up to 90 with no clouds.  It was a long (but fun) day.  The kids dad suggested I take the long double stroller, not the side-by-side jogging stroller.  Wrong move.  It was impossible to turn when one of the kids was sitting in the front seat.  And it has no hand breaks, so going down the steep hills around the park made me nervous. The kids had fun running around at the playgrounds in the Park and seeing the animals, and both of them fell asleep on the drive home-woohoo!

Of course, we were the ghetto bunch because I took S's shirt off because he was getting too hot.  He's only 16 months, so it's not like it's weird.  But still, I HATE IT when parents let their kids/toddlers be in public with bare feet or no shirts on.

After 4 hours I was DONE.  I was tired, sweaty, and really (really) sick of fighting with the stroller.  But we saw the giraffes, which is the only thing G cared about, so the trip was a success.

B should be home in a few hours and I need to deposit my paycheck and possibly shower before he get home.  Man, I really can't wait to go to sleep tonight!!

Oh, and G and S's parents don't want their pics up on line.  So here is a pic of Annabelle at the Gulf Breeze Zoo instead:

This was one of the first time we went to the zoo

Bitty being a ham

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