Today started off EARLY...4:45 wake up, out the door at 5:00, and getting my sweat on at 5:30.  I had a calf cramp in my right leg that hurt so bad.  Once I got it all stretched out I was good to go though!.  After Insanity I went back home, started the dishes, puddled around on line, and took a nap.  I only slept on and off for an hour, but it really helped!

Then B called me around 10:30 and told me that our puppy died.  Actually, the whole litter ended up dying.  The mom, Ace, got a serious infection from the c-section they had to do on her when she gave birth.  I guess they had to put her down, and the pups wouldn't take milk from a bottle or any other dog...so they didn't make it.  It's so sad, but honestly, I'm more sad about Ace dying.  She was one of Mike's (the breeder) best hunters and always turned out great pups...you know he has to be so upset about her passing. B and I were moved to the next list of available white male pups, which should be due in mid September.
This is what Mac would look like.  So handsom.

I can't figure out if the Commissary is really cheaper (for dry goods and dairy) than off base (Ralph's, specifically).  I spend 40 bucks there this morning, and that includes the five dollars worth of coupons I used.  I'm not brand picky...I buy off brand everything for baking, Prego for pasta sauce, etc.  It was just a disappointment when I checked out.  Then I went to Trader Joe's for all our fruits and veggies. TJ own my heart for three reasons.  One, they are consistently cheaper than anywhere.  Two, you can find all their fruits and veggies in Organic form.  Three, most of their Fs and Vs are grown in the USA (unlike at the commissary/off base).  I got 6 apples, 3 bags of lettuce, 4 lbs of nectarines, 3 lbs of sweet potatoes, 2 lbs of strawberries, and a bag of pre-cut broccoli for 26 dollars.  Oh, and a coconut water (which tastes like death and destruction).  Everything except the nectarines were organic, too.

Coconut water.  I don't like it.  Maybe it was just the brand (Zico), but "eww, gross" (as Annabelle would say). I got the mango 'infused' flavor because my bff said the plain coconut water tasted like ass.  But wow, this one was gross.  I guess that's what I get for spending two dollars on a drink I don't need.  I'll throw the rest into tomorrows smoothie and be done with it.  Do people just pretend to like this stuff because it's trendy?  Or is there something I'm missing??

Eh.  You suck.


  1. Sometimes the off base stores are cheaper, especially if they have great sales and you have coupons. I mostly shop at the commissary because I think it's too much of a hassle driving all around town to get the deals. I have a Trader Joes literally 3 blocks away from my house, but hardly ever shop there. When I do go, I always try to convince myself to shop there exclusively, but it never happens. You just gotta keep price matching between the stores, and find which one you like better.

  2. Hey Girly. My Marine is from Florida and he has 30 days leave between his PCS. He left today but I couldnt go until next week. I would love to live down there though, maybe someday. :)