This week flew by!

It's been a busy week!!  Nannying G and S is going well.  They are fun, cute kids who listen pretty well and love to read/be read to.  I KNOW I'm blessed to have found a job that lets me work 30 hours a week, 3x a week, and still pays well.  But I'm still not 100% sold on it...I miss MY family (by MY, I mean Heather, James, and Annabelle).  But we'll see...I'm in it till June because I'm not a quitter!

The Insanity workout has been going well.  But I pulled both my calf muscles so I took Thursday off, and then I wasn't able to get in to the shop on Friday (you have to scan your ID to ge on to the flightline, and my meet-up partner, A, didn't have her phone near her so she never knew I was waiting outside).  So It was a total bust and I drove back home and slept another 40 minuted before getting up for work.  Monday is a new week though, and I plan on going every morning!

Saturday B and I slept in and the went and bought a bunch of stuff for Mac (our puppy who'll be here in mid-October).  After vegging on the couch for a little bit, we went and had dinner at this sports bar near our house.  I had a veggie wrap and B ordered the buffalo wings.  My wrap was AMAZING, but B said the wings were just ok.  But they did have really good salsa, so we bought some to take home.  After dinner we dropped off our leftovers and went to go see The Change-Up.  SO FUNNY!!  I'm one of those people who smiles rather than laughs, then silent laughs, then laughs out loud on a scale of "Oh, ha-ha to OMG, that was the funniest thing I've ever seen".  Anyways, I was laughing my butt off the entire time.  And there was a lot of nudity, which B liked ;).  But really, go see it!

Today has involved B laying in bed and watching TV while I slept till 11.  We meant to go to the 11 o'clock service at church-woops!  But once I woke up and was a real person, I made us breakfast, did some cleaning, and currently have a loaf of bread baking in the bread-maker.  I also finally broke out the juicer my mom bought us for my wedding shower.  I used three apples and two carrots-it was so good!!  I served the juice over ice and drank the full two glasses!  Using carrots was a big deal for me because I HATE carrots.  Raw, cooked, roasted, baked, whatever.  I won't eat them.  But I figured their taste would be masked by the apples, and I was right!

Well, I need to get this laundry done so I can concentrate on cleaning the house tomorrow and not on folding clothes!

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