Holy crap. I just got done with day 2 of Insanity.  It's so hard.  I was literally dripping with sweat in the most non-sexy way possible, and kept telling A how much I hated her.  But 40 minutes later I'm really glad I crawled out of bed, kissed the hubs goodbye (ya, he stayed home.  Lame), and drove to base.  So now I'm back home, stuffing my face with oatmeal topped with PB, and REALLY not looking forward to getting up off the couch.

But in happy news, the crate containing all our wedding shower gifts + wedding gifts that were sent to my parents house finally arrived!!  I'm so happy!!  We received so many cute things at the shower that we've really been looking forward to using/hanging up in our home.  Plus, my mom bought us (me) a juicer that I'm really excited to use!  And of course, opening wedding gifts that we didn't even know we have gotten was a great surprise!

so. much. to. recycle.

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