Beachey Weekend

B, our friend A, and I went to the beach on base on Saturday.  It was awesome!  No humidity, nice and windy, and not a cloud in the sky.  The water was a COLD 61 degrees though.  Kids were playing in the water, but no adults were.  After three hours of laying out, we were ready to go get some sushi!

We drove past Oceanside Pier to check it out, but we didn't stop.  We had food on our mind!

B and I had a nice sushi date, then came home and watched some horrible teen movie.  We laughed through most of it, and then went to bed.  Sunday we went to church then came home and watched more horrible movies on Netflix while I cooked and B sorted through all his gear.  One movie was called Taking Woodstock, and the other was 17 Again.  Both were.  So.  Bad.  After dinner we called it a night because today at 5:30 was Day 1 of:
Seriously.  A has the DVD set of Insanity, so 5 of us are meeting every morning at 5:30 to get our butts kicked for an hour.  Today was just the Fit Test, and we were all dripping with sweat.  The next 60 days are going to be rough.  But A says that last time she did part of the program she got in great shape.  I'm excited to get in shape, and having other people who know me and are counting on me to be there really makes it easier!!  We are hoping more people join us as the weeks go on, but for now it's nice having a small group of people.  After working out I took all my measurements so I can keep a physical record of my body as it changes.  I know my weight as a number will go up these first few weeks (from building muscle), but after that I should start to lose fat.  Every two weeks we will complete another Fit Test and record how many of each exercise we are able to complete in a minute.  My numbers today were on par with every one else's so it will be fun to see how we all get stronger.


  1. The water has been ridiculously cold lately. Which I am ok with, because then my husband will stay out of that shark infested water. lol.

    Where did you get sushi? My husband and I are always looking for new sushi places.

    And good luck on the Insanity :) Looks a little scary. Haha.

  2. It's this Thai restaurant (Cafe de Thai) on the NW corner of College and Oceanside. All of their dishes are amazing, and the sushi is equally as amazing! Let me know if yall end up trying it! I'll also HIGHLY suggest walking a few door down and going to Golden Spoon for frozen yogurt!

  3. Good luck with the Insanity work out. I think I myself might look into buying it and giving it a try!