11 Months

Elizabeth Rylie, you are almost one year old!  You've blossomed this month and are much more a little girl than a baby.  You can stand on your own, eat adult foods, talk up a storm, and can manipulate your toys so that they do what you are trying to accomplish.  You adore books and will sit for many minutes just flipping through them.

Stats:  Just shy of 18 pounds!  You also have two very cute bottom teeth, with top ones on their way.

Likes:  Eating (mostly healthy adult food, with a few pouches thrown in a few times a week), nursing, terrorizing Mackie, slides, getting in to the cabinets, bath time, and climbing stairs.  You are an active little girl and are only still when you are asleep!

Dislikes: Diaper changes.

Milestones: Moving to TEXAS, trying to stand up on her own, cutting her two bottom teeth, going down the stairs properly, signs 'milk', 'more', 'all done', 'daddy', and 'dog'.  Knows many commands ('look at me', 'mommy/daddy does it', 'please leave it alone', 'come here').  In her own baby language says: 'dog', 'diaper', 'daddy', 'bunny' and 'milk' (no mama yet...stubborn girl).


  1. Awww! She is so stinkin' cute!!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and my 3 month old HHHHATTTEES diaper changes too! PS Welcome to Texas :)

  3. awww she is so cute! glad I stumbled upon your blog! also, you have great taste in naming kids…my oldest is named Elisabeth! :)