Due to the nature of Bs job, he is literally never in the field.  Like, last time he was in the field was for TBS.  Five years ago.  But last night he was in the field.  It was the second time we had been apart at night since he came home from deployment almost a year ago.  And you know what?  I was freaking ecstatic.

My gf came over and we had a non-husband friendly meal of tuna steaks with an eggplant side dish and talked as our kiddos toddled around the house.  Then we ate cookies.  After she left E and I did our normal bedtime routine, and then I wrote and submitted two articles to MSW.  And ate another cookie.  Then I put a load of diapers in, dusted, and did the dishes.

When B is home I make sure that, once Elizabeth is asleep, all my attention is for him.  He is my husband and I truly love to serve him.  And if that means he wants to cuddle up and watch a movie or cook dinner together, that's what we do.  The evening are our time, and I (almost) always get all of my housework done during the day so that when evening rolls around we can talk and enjoy each others company without chores and to-do lists getting in the way.

So those very rare occasions that B is gone, I do enjoy the silence and peace of it all.  I don't think it makes me a bad wife or mother.  It's just the way I am able to recharge.

Oh, and I can online window shop all I want without giving B a heart attack ;)


  1. Moments of peace and quiet are so rare around here that when they happen, I cherish them!

  2. What a perfect night with your friend!