Dress me. Please.

Can I complain about something?  It's impossible to dress cute and breastfeed.  Even when E and I are home for feeding, it's still a pain in my butt to have to take off my shirt and bra every 3-4 hours.

Breastfeeding-friendly tops are frumpy.  Cute tops aren't bf friendly.  Breastfeeding bras make my girls look weird.  And anything that isn't a cotton/spandex/lycra/whatever blend isn't stretchy enough to just pull up to feed.  I am so over wearing t-shirts and tank tops.

Can someone prove me wrong?  Is there a magical website with adorable and trendy-ish tops that let me actually stay dressed when I feed my daughter?  We only have 4 months left (or more.  We'll see).  But hopefully by then I'll be pregnant again, and this will be a non issue for the next 9 months.


  1. Haha, love this. Seriously, every word you said...so true. I refuse to wear anything but a nursing bra, just because it's such a hassle to not. But I found some I liked on Amazon so it's worked out well so far. But cute dresses or tops, yeah right.

  2. If you find something then please let us know! Now I'm only feeding 3 times a day and rarely in public I tend to wear normal clothes (with a nursing bra) but it has been a total pain up until now. Can't wait to get back into normal clothes!