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The first is my review and giveaway of the Wrapsody Breeze wrap, and the second is how B and I stayed connected during deployment (which of course yall already know all about!).

So what else has been going on lately?  Well, B and I received a horrible phone call about 3 weeks ago from his dad.  B's mom had a heart attack (she's pretty much the opposite of someone who is at risk for a heart attack).  We loaded up the car that evening and drove to Dallas.  Praise God, she is doing much better.  A few days after we arrived, B's sister went into labor and delivered a healthy and precious baby boy (her 2nd son).

After a week in Dallas we headed up to Missouri to visit my parents at their lake house (as was previously planned).  We had an absolute blast and E adored splashing around in her baby pool, as well as the lake.  Being on the boat put her into a catatonic state and she napped the entire time we were on the water.

Unfortunately, that was the most sleep she (and I) got.  Baby girl went through a crazy growth spurt and was awake every 3 hours needing to nurse a full meal.

One day the three of us headed up to Mizzou (my alma mater).  We ate at my favorite restaurant, Addison's, and took pictures all over campus.  My sorority house was unlocked, but everything was being repainted in preparation for recruitment so the pictures were pretty lame.

After a very fast week in Missouri, we drove back to Dallas for some house hunting (also a previously planned part of the trip).  We saw 15 houses and put an offer in on one (really, the only contender).  The sellers were NOT up for negotiations so we walked away.  We still need to find a house and close on it before mid-October.  No pressure or anything.

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  1. She is such a cutie!!! And so glad to hear she is ok!!