7 months

Baby girl, you are over half a year old!  You are so smart, very strong, beautiful, and flash smiles at everyone.  You've done a ton this month: taken a very long (27 hour, each way) road trip, gotten a new cousin, met more family members on daddys side, gone swimming in the Lake.  You have a top tooth starting to come in...I guess that means you're really growing up.

Stats:  Around 15 pounds, I think.  We don't have your 7 month appointment till late July.  But if you do weigh 15 pounds that means you gained 2 pounds since last month!  Based on how your clothes fit, you have lengthened out a little bit too.  Maybe you are 24 or 24.5 inches now.  Your feet are still tiny, size 1 shoes are a little large.  We have moved up to the medium rise snap setting on your diapers because the small setting was sitting too low on your hips.  However, now we have to cinch in the waist extra on each side.  She eats 4oz of pureed food a day, plus she gnaws on raw fruits or veggies to keep her entertained while I cook dinner.

Milestones:  Crawling!!  We finally have a crawler (on June 30th), and a speedy one at that!  She has pulled her self up to standing from sitting a few times.  We think she is intentionally waiving, too; she puts her arm out and kind of flails it about when we wave at her.  She's also mastered the art of 'faking it'.  It's a total hoot because she will put on the saddest face ever, but then I make her laugh and she's suddenly happy again.

Likes:  Those organic food pouches (perfect for the 3 weeks we've been traveling).  Iz gets SO excited when she sees a pouch come out.  She loves crawling, trying to steal my flip-flops, using Mackie to pull herself in to a kneeling position, the water (bath, lake, or pool), and feeding herself (chunks of fruits, veggies, or mum-mums).  She's a Baby Einstein fan, too (but only when mommy needs a 30 minute break...maybe 3x a week)

Dislikes:  Diaper and clothing changes.  That's really it.

Schedule:  Up to nurse at 5:45/6ish., then back to sleep till 8:30/9.  Nap from about 12:30-3:30, depending on what time she woke up.  She will take a cat-nap from 5-5:45 or 6, and then we start bedtime at 6:30.  I nurse her every time she wakes up, as well as when she goes down for the night and before her long nap.  We take walks with the pup, go to Stroller Strides, hit up the botanic garden, run errands, and hang out with our wonderful neighbors to fill our days.  I make a point to read and sing to her many times throughout the day, and work on our flashcards a few times a week

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