8 months!

Baby girl,
You are 8 whole months old!  You won't believe this till you are a mommy, but time has never gone by faster.  Every single day/minute/second we spend together is my favorite.  I love sitting back and watching you crawl around; exploring your little world.  You have started climbing, pulling yourself up to standing, and are the fastest crawler I've ever seen.  You are called Elizabeth or Izy by your daddy and me, and Ellie by daddys family.

Stats:  Up to size 3 in disposable diapers, when we use them.  6-9 month clothing.  You still have the most itty bitty feet ever, and are in a size 1.  We'll find out your height and weight at your appointment on Friday.  You are all caught up on your shots, and we decided to not give you hepB and one other one that's slipping my mind.  Daddy and I need to sit down and figure out the rest of your toddlerhood shots.

Likes: Eating!  We give you fresh fruit and some steamed veggies and you go to town!  We just started giving you oat-based smoothies (made with bm) as your dinner, before nursing.  It's helped you sleep longer at night.  But you won't eat off a spoon or drink them from a sippy....you have to drink your smoothies out of a cup.  You also love puffs (rice based...momma is nervous about the gluten thing).

Dislikes: Naps and avocados (WHO ARE YOU?!)

Milestones:  Pulling yourself to standing, climbing up on to low objects (the dog included) and steps.  Drinking from cups (not holding them yet, though).  You play peek-a-boo with blankets and have suddenly started to LOVE being read to.  We read Panda Bear, Panda Bear and your baby Bible every night before bed.  You recognize the sign for dog, and have even used it a couple of times!  You try to clap, but mostly miss and it looks like you are flailing about.  You have also started to cuddle which I love!  You've gone to the church nursery twice and did ok!  You understand what yes and no mean, and have begun to respond appropriately to each.  You shared your rice cracker with your Nana Laney...that was your first time sharing, and for a week straight you always put your food in our mouths.  It was super cute.

We went to the Lake and you are such a water baby.  You adored every second spent in the water (lake or your little pool, it didn't matter).  We also went both mommy and daddys alma maters.  Any my sorority house...but it was being painted.

Sweet girl, you are our little bundle of joy and we love you more than anything.

Izys schedule has finally evened out:
Wake up: 5:30am (Diaper change, nurse, and then straight back to sleep)
Wake up: 7:30
Nap: 10:30-12:30
Nap: 3:30-4:00
Bath, books, boob, and bed: starting at 6:30
Nurse and diaper change : 1:30am

Every night in July was SO HARD.  She would wake up every 2-3 hours absolutely starving.  So she would nurse a full meal, sleep, and then wake up to eat again.  And again.  It was miserable.  And we were traveling so she was sleeping in her pack n play.  New environment + growth spurt...ugh.  But now we are pretty much done with that phase,and she is only waking up once a night (PRAISE GOD).  And truthfully, I don't mind the midnight cuddles because soon enough she'll be through this phase and back to her 12 hours of sleep a night.


  1. She looks like such a big girl standing up in the first picture!!

  2. New follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog! <3 You have a cutie right there!! Our babies are only a month apart! My mini is learning to hold her cups & bottles! She does not know now to tilt back a sippy cup so she just drinks out of cups with straws. Isnt it just amazing sitting back and watching the grow!? They change so much in just a days time!