Last weekend it was Bs 27th birthday!  We spent the Saturday and Monday relaxing, and on Sunday we went down to see the USS Midway.

 It was pretty chilly on the flight deck, so we kept the Ergo hood up most of the time!

Bridge to North Island/Coronado

 Izy had just woken up from a long and cozy nap

We really enjoy history, so walking around the ship and reading all the plaques was our idea of a great day.  Somehow B knows a lot about aircraft carriers, so it was like having my own personal (and very cute) tour guide.

After the Midway, we ate dinner downtown and headed home.  On Monday I made his birthday cake.  At least its amazing taste made up for my lack of decorating skills! 
She is just now fitting in to her Christmas onesies, so she wears them around the house.


  1. You guys make the cutest little family! What a fun day, even if it was cold.

  2. I've lived in San Diego for over seven years now and I still haven't made it over to the Midway! Then again, I've deployed on a carrier, and so has my hubby, so maybe we're subconsciously avoiding it. ;) You're visit does make it look tempting though!

    1. Lol, I would totally avoid being on another ac carrier had I been deployed on one!