Okinawa, revisited

**STILL not in labor.  I scheduled this post thinking I'd be heading home from the hospital today as a little family of 3.  Nope.  It's still B, me, and the pup**

Two years ago today I was boarding a plane at O'Hare for the biggest adventure of my life.  The family I had been nannying for the past year and a half was PCSing to Okinawa and I was going!  I was in Okinawa for two of the fastest months of my life, and miss that island every single day.  I truthfully can't look out over the Pacific with out feeling like my heart is breaking, that is how much I loved being in Oki.  Ridiculous, yes.  But it's how I feel.

Merry Christmas to me:  My parents upgraded my ticket for the longest flight on the way there!

Where we lived for the first week or so: Hamagawa Lodge.  The bats that lived in the trees were bigger than monkeys.

Near the Lodge

Cape Manzamo

Okinawa World Aquarium

Hedo Point, up north.  Don't eat at the food stand there.

Up north

The cane fields behind our neighborhood

View from the castle ruins behind our neighborhood

I couldn't figure out what exactly was in the "15 Items Wrap" but it was always delicious.

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