The almost hospital story

The 3rd held promise.  I went to the doctor and was swept again.  It was super successful this time, and by 6pm I had lost my whole mucus plug and was starting contractions.  The whole fam dam was over eating Chinese and as soon as they were all done I cleared them out and went upstairs to labor in our room.  The contractions were pretty text-book.  About 5 minutes apart and over a minute long.  But it wasn't till about 10:30 that they became too painful to walk through.  So I let B keep sleeping for another hour, and then woke him up and we headed to the hospital.

I was hooked up to the fetal monitor as well as the external contraction monitor  and then the nurse checked me.  I was still sitting at a big, fat 1cm, despite having contractions for the past 6 hours.  As soon as she said that I knew we would be discharged.  The doctor on call was super nice and was like, I can give you 1. nothing, 2. an Ambian, or 3. a short of morphine.  I obviously chose the Ambian and preceded to not wake up once the entire night.

It's now a little after 9am and we have an appointment with the doctor who will be delivering Lizzie at 10.  Wish us luck that we get an enduction date for this evening!


  1. Hooray for tonight and getting to meet your sweet baby girl!!!

  2. So exciting, sorry you had to go through some false contractions though.
    So soon!