Weird Pregnancy stuff from Trimesters 1 & 2

When I found out I was pregnant, I read all the books.  But by time I entered week 16 I realized that there is no "normal", and unless I'm bleeding everything is most likely ok.  So while I still read the babycenter.com emails I get once a week, my pregnancy books have fallen by the wayside.

All that being said, some freaky things happen that are normal, but I never read about till I searched online.  So since I started my third trimester yesterday, I thought I would share my "weird pregnancy stuff from trimesters 1 & 2".

You might become allergic to white gold (maybe it is just me)
Bloody noses.
Swollen labia.  Not kidding.
Pain right below your sternum can be an indicator of preeclampsia {books only tell you about the swelling indicator}
You thought all-nighters in college = exhaustion.  No, growing a baby = exhaustion {soon to be: having an actual child = exhaustion}
Getting kicked in the cervix can take your breath away.
You will get kicked in the cervix.
Not long after your morning sickness {finally} goes away you will LOVE being pregnant and already want to have #2
Sometimes those first kicks feel like muscle twitches, not "bubbles" or "flutters" like everyone says.  I never felt anything but the muscle twitch feeling.
Your boobs will change over night, and then one day they become your new normal and you wonder what they looked like before.
You're going to go up a size in underwear, and up God knows how many sizes in bras.  Accept it and buy some new cute stuff.
Prenatals make your hair and nails look awesome and grow fast...and make your leg hair grow just as quickly
Soon it will be difficult to put on your pants/socks/underwear while standing up.
The glucose test is no big deal.  At all.  Mine tasted like flat Sprite, and a little thicker {think a hot Gatorade v. water for viscosity}.  Women need to stop hyping it up!!
You'll rock panty liners like it's 8th grade (get the thong-shaped ones.  It's all you need).


  1. We absolutely love Okinawa. It's so beautiful. We have one more year here and just recently moved off base and out into town to truly enjoy our last bit of time here. We are going to miss it when our time comes to leave. We plan on coming back to visit and show two of our 4 babies where they were born.
    What was one of your favorite places or things to do while you were here?

  2. We have a camping trip up to Okuma planned for next month. Josh and I have been there several times and to the aquarium and Hiji Falls, but we are going to do it all over again. This time with Emma in tow. I'm so excited to see how she reacts to all the animals at the aquarium and then seeing the waterfall. I think she will love it.
    Congrats on making it to your third trimester. You're almost there! In no time at all you will be holding your precious baby girl in your arms.