A busy week!

What have I been up to this past week?

My gf just moved back to town after living at home while her hubby was deployed {he gets home TODAY!}.  So she was stayed with me from Saturday-Tuesday morning.  We ran lots of errands since she now has an entire house to restock with food, toiletries, etc.

I have a massage this evening and am so excited for it!  My upper back has been killing me these past two weeks.  I was telling my mom that I've only ever had one relaxing massage, and I left it feeling like I just wasted a ton of money because my back was still so knotted up.  She thinks I'm crazy since I love when the masseuse uses her elbows to get at the knots.

B's homecoming date got changed.  I had actually thought that once the guy "had their flights" that the date was set.  Silly wife.  I can't say I'm disappointed, only because we still know the month.  But I loved having that date circled on my calendar.  The downer is that one of my bff's is having her bridal shower back at home the same weekend I thought I'd be getting my husband back...sigh.

Yesterday I had a "mommy brunch" with a neighbor and a few of her friends.  I had lots of fun, and am super thankful for new friends!!  I brought my mom's New Orleans bread pudding with whiskey sauce and it was a HUGE hit.  It's a delicious treat that my mom only makes for Christmas and Thanksgiving breakfast.

Tomorrow is my 28 week OB appointment!  So excited to hear Lizzie's heartbeat again!

Two weeks ago the Hobby Shop on base announced it (along with a number of other community centers on base) that they had lost all their funding and would be closing mid-September.  I am so disappointed!  I loved taking quilting classes and painting ceramics through the Hobby Shop!  So one of my gf's and I painted a bunch of stuff, which I need to pick up this week.

My biggest accomplishment of the week has to have been putting most of our 1300+ wedding photos into a Shutterfly book!  I did a collage theme so I was able to use all of the photos I wanted.  I'm going to wait till I have a discount code before purchasing, but I'm so happy I got this project out of the way!


  1. Gordies is just up the street from the dolphin park. We love that place. So delicious. We live on the next street over so we can easily walk to it. Dangerous!!

    1. Haha, nice! I went there once with the family I was nannying for, and I remember being the only one who liked my burger. And I feel like the ketchup was really different...