Friday Randoms

I had my first cry of the deployment on Sunday.  It was super ugly.  So I texted B's bff Ross and asked if he and his wife would let me stay with them for a few days (they live in Phoenix).  I just needed to leave California.  They were kind enough to say yes, so Mackie and I packed up the car and drove out here yesterday morning.  I forgot how long the drive is!  Last time I came out here it was for Ross and Megan's wedding and I was in the midst of my morning sickness hell, so I was asleep most of the ride there.
Sadly they both have to work today, so the pup and I are just hanging out and I'm taking him out back to play every 40 minutes or so just because he had SO much energy last night.  He hardly slept, which of course meant I didn't sleep either.  And a few times he randomly barked which of course set off their dogs barking...it was a nightmare.  I feel so bad about it.

Last night R&M took me to dinner at True Food Kitchen, an organic and local-food concept restaurant.  It was so delicious.  We all actually got the same thing: panang curry (though I had tofu in mine, while they got shrimp).  There is one out side of San Diego, so maybe I'll be able to convince B to eat there at some point.  They do have burgers, so maybe that will win him over.

On a somewhat separate note, I'm currently watching a NatGeo show about dinosaurs (I've not had TV since B left, so I'm pretty much staring at it like an idiot).  Anyways, growing up I wanted to be a paleontologist so this show is really really awesome.  I know that sounds like something a 6 year old boy would say, but it's so incredibly interesting to me.

In super exciting news, I think that both B and I will be getting iPhones when he comes home!  We were able to talk this morning via fb chat, and discussed getting the 4s for free or the new 5 for 200 each.  I'll have to talk to friends and read online to see what the best route will be.  But I am SO excited!  I've missed my iPhone so much these past 2 years.


  1. I hope you are feeling better! Deployments SUCK! I haven't gone through one yet, but any time apart from your significant other is not fun. Happy Friday!

  2. You are one strong woman if you are pregnant and just now had your first break down of this deployment!!
    I live at Camp P also so if you ever need anything just let me know!