Thursday Thoughts

Trying to find 2 homecoming outfits while pregnant isn't exactly a joy {I'll share the details once he's back here in California!}.

Finding a kennel that will take our "in tact" 11 month old lab isn't going well.  None of the local {and friend recommended places} take non-neutered pups.  My search has expanded to a 30 mile radius.

Lizzie is growing a lot this week; I can hardly keep my eyes open!

The child has also decided that me laying down just won't work for her, and she is taking her frustration out on my back.

Someone is being a major creeper while I write this:
Good thing he's so cute
Lizzie is big enough so change the shape of my tummy depending on how she is laying.

I have a dessert date with my gf tonight.  Chili's chocolate chip paradise pie, you are mine.  But just a few bites, because I have my glucose screening in the morning.  The rest will be eaten right afterwards.

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