After shutting Mackie downstairs for the morning so I could get some sleep (waking up at 8 was not happening this morning), I ended up sleeping till noon!  It was so amazing.  Of course, that meant I had a very hyper puppy waiting for me.  So I grabbed my free Chik-fil-a coupon and his leash and we headed out to get lunch and then go on a hike.

I had stumbled across a hiking trail over in Carlsbad a few weeks ago and really wanted to check it out.  I had planned on waiting till B was home so we could go together, but the thought of another neighborhood walk with the dog made me want to cry.  With it being the weekend, there were plenty of families, dog walkers, and other women on the trail, so I felt pretty safe.  The trails ranged from super narrow to wide, sandy to packed dirt.  Nothing was hard, but there were some pretty steep areas.

The weather was perfect-cloudy and in the low 70s.  I was still warm, but considering it's been in the upper 80s and cloudless for the past 2 months, I welcomed the cool weather.

Mackie had a blast.  I wish his leash was longer so he could have explored a little more.  Or that he was well trained so he could have gone off leash (against the rules, but lots of people do it).  We hiked for about 40 minutes, and could have stayed out longer but I was getting thirsty.

Next time I will pack a backpack so we can be gone longer and explore some more.  I am glad that I took some of the steeper trails this time, because as the weeks go on that will not be an option for this mama.  At least, not by myself!  And it is not a stroller friendly area, even for a jogger.  Izy will need to be in a carrier or sling for sure.

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