Cassidy from I'll Follow You Anywhere nominated me for the Liebster Award.  Thank you!  The Liebster Award is for blogs that have 200 followers or less and lets us little blogs have a great chance to network and get to know each other (oh and hopefully grow into bigger blogs!)

11 Facts about me:
1.  Because I went to Mizzou, I will not choose to see any doctor that studied at the university of kansas
2.  I have 4 tattoos and can't wait to get my next one (B and I had planned on getting tattoos before he left, but our little Miss Izy had other plans :)
3.  I used to ride and miss it so much.  I told B that I snuck "buy your wife a horse" in to our wedding vows.
4.  I met my husband in a bar (I was working).
5.  I'm a clean freak.  I love cleaning and organizing our home.
6.  As much as I love my puppy, sometime I just want to kill him with the messes he drags in.
7.  I'm going to be heartbroken if B doesn't renew his contract with the Marines next year.
8.  I really love being pregnant now that the 1st trimester is over with.
9.  Quilting and sewing have become a big passion of mine.  It's so relaxing and I love creating!
10.  I have the handwriting of a pre-teen boy.  It's really horrific.
11.  I'm a Southerner at heart and miss living in Florida!

Cassidy's questions:
1. What is the meaning behind your blog title?  You had me from Hello was the song B and I danced to at our wedding.  It's so true about us.

2. What do you do on weekends?  Since I am a "stay at home wife" and the husband is still gone, my week days and weekends are one in the same.  Sometimes it's dinner with friends and some times, aside from going to the gym and walking the pup, I just stay home and work on projects!

3. What has been the biggest impact on your life?  Two thing:  Going to camp when I was younger, and moving to Okinawa while B and I were still dating so I could keep nannying the family I had been working for.

4. Your favorite quote in life? "Lord, watch between me and thee, while we are absent one from another"-Gen 31:49

5. Do you have pets? What are their names?  We have a lab named Mackie.  He's almost a year and has kept me sane through this deployment despite all his antics.

6. Do you Pintrest? What's your favorite pin you've done yourself?  l-o-v-e Pinterest.  I have a board dedicated to "Pins I've done"

7. What can you not go without daily?  Food.  But really, emailing my husband.  I email him at least once a day.  It keeps me sane and helps me feel like we are staying connected.  Plus, I have a private blog going of every single correspondence between the two of us since he left that I'm going to have printed in to a blog book as a keepsake.  So I have to stay on top of that or else it's really overwhelming!

8. What is the most treasured item in your home?  My laptop, only because of all the photos on it.

9. What is your most recent pet peeve?  Rude people and when Mackie won't let me sleep in.

10. Name something you can't go without in your daily activities.  My phone.  Between B being gone and being pregnant, I am way too paranoid to be with out my cell.

11. What's your favorite movie, and why?  I really don't have a favorite.  I'm not a movie buff, and the only reason I even go to movies is for the popcorn.

My questions
1.  Where do you wish you lived?
2.  Where is your favorite place to travel?
3.  Do you have any big regrets?
4.  Do you have any kids/want kids?
5.  What is the most common argument you and your SO get in to?
6.  Do you like tofu?  If so, what's your favorite way to use it?
7.  Do you have any tattoos?
8.  What's your decorating style?
9.  Are you crafty, or would you rather just buy pre-made things?
10.  Who is the neat freak, you or your SO?
11.  Republican or Democrat?

Ladies I nominate:
Mallorie from Happy Home

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  1. I love the random things about yourself and the answers to your questions you were given!

    You are awesome and I appreciate the nomination so so much!
    I like your questions so I might just have to break down and do it! ;)

  2. I totally agree about my laptop being one of my most valuable items too! There is SO much on it!

  3. Thanks for the nomination. What a fun way to get to know other a little better. Based on your responses I see that we have a few things in common. I see that you went to Mizzou. Are you from Missouri? I grew up in Kansas City. And you were a nanny in Okinawa. I was a nanny for three years before moving out here to Okinawa. Did you enjoy living here?

  4. Thanks for nominating me! Being pregnant and going through a deployment has to be hard, I cannot imagine. But I love the idea of your personal blog so that you can document it all, will be a great memento for your baby one day to see all that you went through!