Grocery shopping

I always shop at Trader Joe's.  Before the husband left I had stocked up on plenty of "pantry staples" and I've only been buying produce, almond milk, yogurt, and bread (all from TJ's).  This was true before he left, too.
Today was the last day I could really go with out restocking some staples...I was out of oatmeal and rice, for goodness sake!  So I went to Albertson's and got what I needed.  I added some extras (OJ, a chocolate almond milk, gummy worms, and a bag of pre-sliced apples).  OVER 80 DOLLARS LATER...I'm so annoyed, I can't see straight.  All that money...that's like 4 big shopping trips to Trader Joe's.
I used my "savings card", stuck to my list, and bought store brand.  I guess it just really makes me sick, spending that much on "pantry staples".  Will I need to do that any time soon?  Absolutely not.  We are good for at least 5 months.  But I hate hate hate spending so much money upfront on food.  Anyone else?


  1. I love your list [OJ, chocolate almond milk, gummy worms] you just can't go wrong. I know the feeling about having a place you can shop that's great with prices and you can find everything you need in one go-round. It's the same thing with on a military post. We have a commissary with really great prices, and tax free. I always find what I need, but the times I don't I'm kicking myself at the local grocery store. It's like 'seriously?!' I've resorted to couponing.

    1. I should have gone to the commissary....I feel dumb for not waiting till Monday and going!!

  2. I was actually out earlier with a nice LONG list of needs, and 'surprise surprise' it's closed. [sigh]

    As for the beet smoothie recipe I'll put it below.
    You'll need a Juicer and a Blender or a blender with the capabilities of producing a good smoothie. If you don't have a REALLY awesome blender, the smoothie will come out gritty.

    Slice of Cantelope. 1 Kiwi. 1/2 Peach. 1/2 Mango. 1/2 Banana
    [I usually freeze the bananas so they keep longer]

    Spinach. 1/4 Beet. 6 Baby Carrots

    Juice the Cantelope, Beet and Carrots.
    Blend the juice with the other veggies and fruits with 1/2 cup of ice.
    Blend until smooth and ... Ta Da. You have a beet smoothie.

    Beets add oxygen to your red blood cells, improve blood flow and have SO many nutrients the body needs. Spinach and beets is an even better combo.