Spin Class

Taking a spin class when pregnant is a bad idea.  Getting on a bike period when pregnant is a bad idea.
I went in to the class with my gf knowing I'd just be peddling along at my own pace.  But wow, sitting on the seat hurt like no one's business.  I used to do a lot of mountain biking and I did a few spin classes in college, so I'm aware that being on a bike can give you a sore tush.  But this was pretty much unreal.  So I was super uncomfortable from the start, but kept on going at my own slow place.  I did most of the standing when everyone else did, and kept the resistance at a nice spot.  Ceanna and I grabbed bikes at the back of the class, which was a good thing because the front row was comprised of some tri-athletes and a super tiny trainer who was rocking out the entire time.  We had a good laugh at ourselves and won't be going back.
I'll stick with swimming laps for my pregnancy exercise and supplement in some yoga.


  1. lol! i definitely couldn't spin pregnant either!

  2. My friends wanted to go cycling when we were on holiday recently and although I really wanted to go I decided it was a bad idea! Now I'm glad I did!

    I'm super impressed with you doing so much exercise during pregnancy though :)

  3. I can totally relate! It's amazing the things you don't even think about before you're pregnant. Love your blog, btw!