I have had two highlights of my day.  The first being when B told me he had been Pinning stuff for baby E.  And the second one being the pizza I just made.

Story of my life.  Last night was Book Club and no one read the book.  I never even bothered to buy them, but I guess they were kind of depressing and just too heavy for right now.  So we ate yummy food and talked.  I really love times like that-when you get great fellowship (and great food).  Next month's book is supposed to be a good one, I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron.  I'm going to assume there will be some age references that will be a little past me, but word on the book aisle is that it is funny.

B requested chips (doritos, etc.  Just not normal chips).  So I send him 2 1/2 boxes of fun sized chips in all different flavors.  Basically what ever Walmart had in their fat fun packs.  The other half was filled with home made cookies and some Under Armor Heat shirts for under his cammies.  The lady at the Post office asked if I was really mailing 2 full boxes of chips.  Um, yes.  Yes, I am.

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