Busy Saturday

After losing a mature tree in our yard from "lack of water" and being told we, the renters, would have to pay 1/2 the costs of removal and replacement, I took my anger our on the yard this morning.   I'm sorry, but NOTHING else on our hill died, and you think some little flowers and ivy would survive better than a mature tree?  Ugh.  Anyways, I replaced the little fences B had build around the side gardens (Mackie likes to eat the yard spot light wires) because let's face it, they look really ghetto.  Then I trimmed back the lavender bushes, which had overtaken way too much space, and replaced the hoses of the drip system since Mackie likes to eat those, too.

After all that I really needed to stop working for the day and relax!

I went to the pool and laid out, and then did some laps.  Swimming felt SO amazing.  I haven't done laps for fun since college and had forgotten how great it feels to stretch out your entire body.  I swam the 500 free and various lengths of butterfly in high school, and while I wasn't the best on the team, I wasn't bad  either.  The freedom of movement felt especially great since I'm pregnant, and I loved how my abs felt such a good stretch.  I will be doing a LOT more swimming in these upcoming months!

This evening has been really low key.  A friend brought her lab-mix over to play with Mackie, and the boys wore themselves out!  I love seeing how happy Mackie gets when he has a "friend" over.  I also baked a few dozen cookies and a cookie cake to mail to B on Monday.  I know he'll love the ton of sprinkles I put on the cake, too.

I finally remembered to open a wooden print I had ordered off of HauteLook in May.  It arrived right after I left for Chicago, and I had totally forgotten that my gf had put in the garage for me.  Not a great picture, but it's a white lab holding beer...what could be better?

The rest of my night calls for catching up on 16 and Pregnant and making dinner (exciting, I know).


  1. That is such BS that u have to pay for 1/2 the removal. We own a house back in Ohio and would never even thing of charging our tenant half the price for something that they don't own.

    1. Ugh, don't even get me started...I'm not planning on paying easily! I'm convinced it was bugs/it got a disease. And no matter how many times my dog eats the sprinkler hose, a sick tree isn't my fault.

  2. Wow, I think I'd try to fight it as much as I could. How ridiculous! Don't they realize you have bigger things to worry about.. like your husband being deployed & a baby on the way!

    --Enough about that though. I hope the rest of your weekend was filled with complete relaxation :)