Bad things come in 3s

Weather delay for an hour while sitting on the runway...no shuttle van when I finally arrived in San Diego...and a lost suitcase with our wedding album and literally all of my clothes that still fit zipped in side.  And a bridesmaid dress (the one that took me 5 months to receive for next months wedding).

The best part has to be that United can't even tell me where my bag is...it was scanned at O'Hare, and then disappeared.  I'm having visions of it never being found and going up for auction.  I won't even tell you my estimated worth of everything in the bag.

Got a phone call at 2am saying they found my bag and would drop it off at the house!!


  1. Let's hope not!! Hope they will call you tomorrow! Gah, that is ridiculous!

  2. Ouch.... Hope they found it and got it to you safe and sound! New follower from http://wifemomworklife.blogspot.com/ Hope you'll come by! ~Jen

  3. That's horrible. I hope they call saying they have it soon. Shoot I will be there thurs, I can pick it up for you. haha

  4. I would have thrown a fit at United if that dress got lost! Oh and your other dress came in....