18 Weeks

How far along? 18 weeks, which is 45% done if I give birth on my due date.
Baby Size: BW is about the size of a bell pepper (5 1/2" long), and weighs 7 ounces.  Which is as much as 7 Chik-Fil-A sauce packets, in case you were wondering.
Total weight gain:  9 pounds.  I'm up to 130.  Not working out or going on long walks these past two weeks hasn't been the best idea I've had.
Maternity clothes?  Mainly maternity.  It's just so much more comfortable.  
Stretch marks?  Nothing new.
Sleep:  I wake up a lot and have been sweating unless it's super cold in the room.  The weird dreams are still going on most nights.
Best moment this week:  Finding out that B will be able to Skype for the anatomy ultrasound!!!
Miss Anything?  Not having my back be in constant pain.  I can't lift my right leg with out it really hurting..this includes just walking.
Movement: Nothing yet...pesky anterior placenta
Food cravings: Still HOT peppers and sweet fruit.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Sugar still gives me a headache.
Gender: Unknown.  We find out on July 2nd!!!  3 more days and I can hardly wait.
Labor Signs: Nothing.
Symptoms:  Fatigue, and lower back/leg pain
Belly Button in or out? Oh my God.  So I was wearing a sports bra (since I now have to sleep in one) in the bathroom while getting ready for bed on Wednesday.  I lean backwards to stretch out my abs and back (while looking in the mirror) and the inner top half of my very cute, very perfect innie popped outwards.  I almost died.  It freaked me out so bad.  Unless I lean backwards it's still totally an innie.  But it's slowly changing and honestly, it creeps me out.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Mood: Generally normal.  If I see something military on TV I have to remind myself not to cry.  And I briefly went psycho on B earlier this week.  Sad.
Looking forward to: Showing {more}, feeling movement, and finding out the gender!