Baby W

B was able to Skype in for our anatomy ultrasound yesterday!  We couldn't get video, but we had audio!  He was able to hear what the tech was saying, which was awesome.  BW was movin' and groovin' when we peeked in.  Even after 19 weeks, it always shocks me that there is a real baby growing in side of me.  I think because I'm not yet able to discern between what is a baby movement and what are just pains from my body changing.  That, and I knew (non-pregnant) girls in college with bigger guts than what I'm sporting right now.

My gf Ceanna came with to my appointment for support.  She has two boys and a girl, so as soon as she saw the screen she knew exactly what BW was.  I'm so thankful she came with!!

One hand to mouth, the other up by an ear, and knees folded up to the chest

We learned a few things:
BW likes to lay more vertical and bounce on my bladder (I figured that was what was going on, and I've have been feeling the sudden jabs on my cervix, too.  Thanks, BW).
The cozy spot seems to be facing my spine, cuddled up on one side.
Both lobes of the brain are there, and all the arms, legs, fingers, and toes.
We could see the tiny little bladder already formed.  That was crazy.
BW still has a halloween mask on.
And BW is a GIRL!!!

A girl!!!!  We are having a baby girl!!!!  Holy crap, I am just amazed!!  I've been able to picture our lives with either sex so easily... a sweet baby boy, a sweet baby girl, I honestly haven't cared at all.  I even have things planned pinned out for either way.  But getting a daughter is the biggest blessing I could ever imagine.  B is on cloud 9, he is so happy he can't even function.  You could hear the smile on face, and I doubt he's stopped smiling since we heard "it's a girl".

The tech asked me if I ever had any idea...honestly, no.  I didn't.  When I got that positive pregnancy test, my first semi-rational thought was "it's a girl".  But really, that was just a random thought, I obviously had no way of knowing.  My cravings have mimicked both "typical" boy cravings (the HOT food), and girl (the sweet fruit).  The first HR was super high, about 180 (total old wives tale for a girl- my SIL was super high, and she had a boy).  Old women have told me I'm carrying like it's a boy (I'm really not showing enough for a stranger to judge that, but thank you).

After my appointment I texted my girlfriends and told them to keep the news off of FB till tomorrow night.  B is calling his parents this evening to tell them, and I had a little cake made with pink frosting inside for my parents to have after dinner tonight.  Then I went to Target and picked up a few adorable outfits (3 in NB and 3 in 6mo...they were on sale and she'll be 6 months for next summer anyways).


Gifts from family, my diaper bag, a t-shirt I bought for our future baby while in Japan (I know that's creepy, we weren't even engaged yet), and of course all the pink was from the Target run.

So happy to meet baby ELIZABETH!!!
Now we just need a middle name!

Here is the cake I had made for my parents.  They picked it up from a local baker this afternoon!


  1. Congrats! Having a baby girl is so awesome.

  2. I absolutely love this post. I seriously about had tears in my eyes, especially hearing that the hubby was able to listen in. I'm beyond excited for you and your family. I absolutely loved the cake idea, adorable!! Congrats on having a girl sweetie!

    **Also, I just started my own blog. Check it out :)

  3. Congratulations! How exciting! I really love the cake idea! What a super sweet gesture for your parents. I admire you being able to stay positive while pregnant without your husband at home.