9 Weeks

On Friday our bebe turned 9 weeks.  I'm so looking forward to the 2nd trimester.  And for our next appointment on May 18th!  I'll be 12 weeks, and hopefully starting to show.  Baby Webster is a little less than an inch long now!


Sunday after church I was feeling great so we went to brunch at a diner over in Oceanside.  It was so good.  I had a big pancake with that yummy sweet cheese blintz filling, fresh strawberries, bacon, and an egg.  It felt so good to eat so much food and not be sick!

Monday and today, Tuesday, were pretty rough  Last night through this morning I was a puking machine.  Not fun, but it's finally passed.  I was super nauseated while on the Zofran, so I stopped taking it.  The nausea stopped, but the puking started.  But I would rather be throwing up then incapacitated from nausea 24/7.  Anyways, I started taking the Zofran again this morning so we'll see what happens.

My in laws were absolute God-send while they were here!  Nancy cleaned the whole house and got me caught up on the housework I hadn't been able to do in 6 weeks.  Fray cleaned and organized the whole garage for B, as well as installed a swinging baby gate (aka a Mackie blocking gate) so I no longer have to step over a gate at the top of our stairs.  They stocked our fridge and gave Mackie more attention that he's gotten in a while.  I am so sad to see them leave, but they have been away from Texas for almost two weeks, and need to get back to their home!

Yesterday I ordered a bulk package of good toilet paper (didn't tell B about it) and a nice memory foam mattress pad (he knows about this one) to send to B.  They won't arrive till after he does, but other wives who's husbands went advon have already been requesting good TP.  Hehe, I can just imagine his face when he opens a 45-roll package (I'm going with joy and embarrassment). Good thing he only has 1 roommate so he'll have plenty of storage space.

It's a chilly grey day here in SoCal, so I'll finish up with weekly notes and then go nap.

Weekly Notes
Hello, throwing up!
Sleeping has been fine, nothing horrible, nothing great.  Peeing every couple hours as expected
I've had a headache for a few days from all the stress and not enough water
Baby Webster is the size of a grape this week
My weight is still down about 8 pounds, but I'm praying it starts to level out so baby can grow!
I can now tolerate food again (but still no veggies).  I eat a normal portion in small stages, so it takes me about an hour to actually eat a meal.
I have one craving: it's a tempura friend california roll with cream cheese and topped with spicy mayo, jalapeno, and sriracha sauce.  Holy crap, it's amazing.  I'll take it without the jalapeno because last time I ate it the heart burn was pretty immediate.

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