10 weeks

I'm 10 weeks.  A quarter way through this pregnancy!  I'm wondering when it will actually sink in?  I think once I start showing.  Because right now the only bodily difference is in the tatas.  I look at my ultrasound pics and am just amazed there is a baby in my stomach!

I have to roll down (or unbutton) all my pants/shorts because anything touching my front makes me feel sick.  Sexy, I know.  Maybe it will be different once I've popped, but even seeing those "over the belly" maternity pants/leggings makes my stomach super uncomfortable.

Baby Webster is the size of a kumquat (a little over an inch long).

Weekly Notes
No vomiting since Tuesday!
Trader Joe's mozzarella, rosted tomato, and feta personal pizzas have gotten me through the week.  I ate two, and then went and bought more.
I've been living off of PediaSure and pineapple smoothies.  Getting nutrients feels good!
Sleep has been pretty normal this week, aside from some very welcomed Skype calls from the hubby!

Yesterday was the most productive day I've had in a while.  I made a loaf of bread, dinner (it was all that sounded good), and a body scrub using a lemon off of our tree!

I used it this morning and my skin is so soft and just feels great!  The lemon scent doesn't make me nauseous like my normal body wash has been doing, and everything is organic.  I think I'm going to make a few batches and give it as gifts to the girls in my Bible study at the end of the quarter.


  1. Aww, look at you (: Just so you know, I'm enjoying reading about your experience! So excited for you and your hubs!

  2. Thank you :) It's going to be a really insane journey. Still can't believe that I'm actually pregnant, lol.