Wedding Bells

This weekend B and I drove to Phoenix for his best friends wedding.  Ross and B have been friends since birth, and Ross was in our wedding last year.  The drive was horrific-I have terrible motion sickness-but we made it just in time for Friday nights' rehearsal dinner.

The ceremony setting was just picture perfect.  Hot as hell-it was 105 for the 4 o'clock ceremony- but so beautiful.

The tables had a mixture of short and tall center pieces, and the candles were so pretty once the sun went down.

B and his parents.  You can kind of tell how the reception was set up from this picture.  The dance floor, DJ table, and about 1/2 of the guest tables were behind us in the courtyard.  It was all in a large T-shape and the table were a mix of rectangle and rounds, which I loved.

I got my dress from Macy's on Friday morning, about an hour before we hit the road.  Classy, I know.

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  1. Okay did I miss the post or something? Am I missing something? His hand is on your belly in that picture... can that mean what i think it means?!?!?! :) Cute dress btw!