Frist come love, then comes marriage

Then comes the baby in a baby carriage!

The whole time we were on pre-deployment leave I was feeling kinda crappy.  Nauseous, but in a subtle way.  I was also really sleepy, but thought it was just because we were staying up so late every night hanging out with family.  The first time I really thought I might be pregnant was when I got all crampy, but never started my period.

We got back home super late on Wednesday.  On Thursday I told B that I was two days late.  On Friday, March 23rd, I picked up a box of HPTs on the way to get my allergy shots.  After talking Mackie to the dog park we grabbed some Chipotle and I took the test (with out telling B) before eating.  Then I went up stairs to check the test.  PREGNANT, clear as day.  I almost vomited from excitement and shock!  B came up stairs a minute later and I just sort of shoved the test at him.  He smiled SO big...it was the best look on his face!!  I think I was right at 5 weeks when we found out, which put Baby Webster at the size of a sesame seed!

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