Murphy's Law

Remember how yesterday I was SO excited that I had planned out our meals for the week?
Guess what happened early this morning?  The outlets for the fridge and my Kuerig are having some sort of electrical shortage.  The fridge has been with out power for at least 6 hours.  Goodbye Greek yogurt, milk, the omelets in a cup, Monday and Tuesdays leftovers...and the freezer...except for the frozen fruits and veggies, all the meats are going to have to be tossed.  Sigh.  Of course this had to happen the one month we are tight on cash (flights home for leave $$$$, BM dresses for two of my best friends weddings this summer, and some monetary donations we made).  Yes, we have money in our savings account.  But it's savings, not a "restock up on groceries" account.

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