With pre-dep leave coming up later this month, I've been trying to work through our food supply.
Yesterday I made "crustless quiches", as B so nicely called them.  But really, they are omelets in cups.
4 beaten eggs and a cup or so of finely diced veggies from TJ's, all mixed together and poured in to buttered muffin tins.  I baked them for about 20 minutes at 375.

This is the best mix ever!

I got the idea from Clare at Fitting It All In...though I just now took the time to find her recipe :)  Next time I'll add some cheese on top before reheating in the microwave.

I also sat down and MADE A MEAL PLAN for the week.  This is huge for me.  I can never commit to planning dinners out, much less take the time to make sure I have all the ingredients.  But I did it!

Tonight is marinated chicken with pasta and peas
Wednesday will be a spaghetti bake with corn and fresh bread (that's currently rising on the counter)
Thursday will be Fiesta Chicken with rice and veggies
Friday will be fish of some sort, with any leftovers we pull together as sides
Saturday will be tacos, rice, and salad
And Sunday is still TBD

Lunches for B will be leftovers from dinner and for myself almond butter with a drizzle of agave on a tortilla or two (we bought like a trillion from Costco, and they need to be used!).  I'll also be finishing off all the Greek yogurt and veggies B refuses to eat!

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