Dude, girls, I might have overspent today.  And by 'might' I mean 'did'.

I went in to H&M (which I hate) in the hopes of finding a few cute bar outfits for Vegas next weekend for Bs 26th.  To my surprise, I walked away with a few cute items!

A black dolman style top. I bought a black knit mini skirt to wear with this one, and it will be paired with some bright bracelets, a bright necklace, and heels.

A LBD. Going to pair this with a skinny black belt and heels.  And some anti-static spray.

This one is more gold-ish.  I think this one will go with black leggings and heels, too.

So nothing too exciting, but some fun pieces for Vegas.  I'm personally not a fan of this baggy shirt trend going on.  I have a tiny waist and "baby baring" hips, so it's kind of annoying to have to be so picky as to how the shirts fit.  If I'm not careful they look like maternity tops!

Then I walked next door to Urban Outfitters and spent money on total crap:

I had to...It made me laugh out loud in the store!  (I also want to buy most of this brands products)

A cute new wallet (and some lace headbands).

Then I did what I knew I shouldn't.  Bought a pair of Lululemon 'Groove' pants.  I tried them on and was in love.

The fit is perfect.  They make my butt look phenomenal.  The length was right (and I'm short, too!).
The 100 dollar price tag?  Not so much.  But I got them anyways.  And am SO happy I did!

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