Quilt updates

Did you watch the Super Bowl?  I didn't.  I didn't even watch the Puppy Bowl.  I didn't even turn the TV on.
Today I got sunburned at the beach and then came home and quilted my face off for like 5 hours.  And ate a waffle-almond butter-apple jelly-sandwich.

A few days ago I made the patches

Mackie kept me company, of course

My first *truly* quilted quilt!!  It's far from straight, but I'm proud of it.  It's also obnoxiously small, so it might be put away till we have babies.  Tomorrow I'm going to do the binding...eek!

The back side of quilt number 3...

...and the front.  For this one I'm going to quilt random circles all over it.  I think.  It won't be touched again for a few more weeks though.

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