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I'm nosy.  I love reading about what other people do, think, wear, and use.  Don't lie.  You do, too.

My current shampoo and conditioner of choice is from Arbonne.  It has a fruity smell that the hubs likes-although I don't.  I prefer minty smelling shampoos.  But since he is deploying, I'll keep my hair smelling like a fruit stand till he leaves :)
Anyways, it makes my baby-thin hair have volume and it starts to feel thicker as soon as I rinse it out.

Post shower I use two products.  First is a dry oil I got in last months Birchbox.
It is more amazing than I can put in to words.  It makes my hair so soft and shiny!  I wish there were another term besides "hair oil" for this product!  It's unlike any oil I've encountered.  It's dry, non-greasy, and smells great.  I use two pumps and work it through my hair, starting at the tips and any leftovers I rub in to my scalp.  When I only use this in my hair, I can skip a day between shampoos.

Introduced to me by my hair stylist, it's smoothing "cream"-for lack of a better word.  Very light with an awesome light scent.  I think it helps keep my hair from frizzing out.

That's it for my hair routine.  Exciting, I know (I wear my hair up in a messy bun 99.9% of the time).

For bodywash I use Aveeno Baby.  I started using this when I was nannying my favorite and had just moved in with the family and had no idea where I packed my toiletries.  But it was hot and humid and I had just finished bringing the last box inside and was DONE with feeling gross.  So I hopped in the shower and grabbed the closest bottle and never looked back.

With almost no smell, I can wear perfume with out worrying I have too many scents on.  And it is so moisturizing that I can use it to shave and not have to soak my legs in lotion afterwards!

After my hair is done, I move on to my make-up.  On a normal day, it involves a few steps.  First I use my VitaZing Moisturizer from Origins

When I bought it I didn't know it had a slight tint to it...one of those "goes on colorless then changes to match your skin tone" compounds.  But I do love it.  And it has a low SPF so I can pretend I am still getting some color when I take the evil kids I nanny to the park for a few hours.

Then I curl my eyelashes and throw on some mascara (currently using MAC Splashproof Lash in Blacksplash.  It's ok...nothing spectacular, but better than what's at the drugstores.  Dior Showstopper has been my all time favorite, and I'll be buying some when my MAC runs out.

If I'm feeling fancy I throw on some eyeliner and maybe even some eyeshadow (both Revlon, and both from the drugstore).  I almost always wear a little blush (Clinique in 108 Cupid), and a chapstick of some sort, and that's it!  I'm pretty low maintenance, and on the mornings I work I would rather spend my extra time drinking coffee and letting the pup out than putting on makeup!

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