B got one of his bikes up and running (and bought me a helmet and gloves), so we were finally able to go riding yesterday!  We rode for a few hours, stopping to watch the sunset at the beach before grabbing wings for dinner.  It was our first time riding together since before we were even engaged, and I was both excited and nervous.  But after a few minutes I calmed down and started to actually enjoy being on the bike again.

B grew up racing dirt bikes and has been riding motorcycles since he was 16 so riding with him feels so safe.  I've been on a street bike with one other person, back in college, and it was easiest the one of the dumbest things I did.  The guy couldn't shift properly (or smoothly) and it almost threw me off the back in the middle of an intersection.  Then the next day he took one of my good friends for a ride and they ended up wrecking!  That is why I was so insistant that B get me a full-face helmet, instead of just wearing one of the half-helmets (bicycle style, common for Harley riders to wear) that we have in the garage.  I saw the damage that cam be done when you hit the ground!!

Ok, off to review our wedding album-we are hoping we can have it before B deploys :)

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