Not pleased!

I showed up to work at 7am, only to be greeted with "oh, we don't need you today".  Excuse me?  We left Texas 3 days earlier than we had to so that I could be at work on Friday.  Missed Weston's 1st birthday.  Left Chicago sooner than we would have liked to.  B could have checked back in on Monday and we could have left Texas on Saturday, not Wednesday.  I know what's done is done, and there is no point in crying over spilt milk.  But really?

I was in such shock.  The kids' dad goes "You didn't come back early to be here, did you?"  I replied, "ya. Kind of", complete with my bitch look.  I'm giving them my resignation letter on Wednesday and will be done nannying by mid-March.

To make the best of my unexpected free day I packed up all our Christmas decorations, cleaned the first floor, organized my sewing supplies, joined our local gym, got my allergy shots, and made an appointment to get a pedicure on Monday.

I am SO excited about joining a gym!  Going to workout classes is my favorite way to keep in shape, and the gym is .5 miles away, door to door!  B suggested I just go to the free classes at the gym on base, but let's be honest.  If I have to spend 30 minutes driving and parking, I won't go.  So I am spending 41 dollars of my personal allowance (money that we both get each month for fun stuff- our date nights, coffee, etc) on  my gym membership.  Money well spent, if you ask me!


  1. I totally drive 30 minutes to the gym in Temecula from my home in Fallbrook. The base gym would be even longer! BLAH! But, I love working out at this place and my enjoyment is what keeps me commuting. :)

  2. Oh. My. Gosh! I would have been so mad.. that is just awful and very unprofessional (on their end) Good thing you are moving on to bigger and better things!

    You go girl! That is one of my goals this year.. being active! I was very bad at it last year :( lol