2012 Goals

My 2012 Goals list is going to be a revolving, evolving list, mainly used to keep me occupied while B is deployed.

  • Running (5k, 10k, and a Half)
  • Take some puppy classes with Mackie (Beginner-Advanced)
  • Go to Okinawa (4 weeks)
  • Get pregnant (and all that comes with preparing my body for that :) (pregnancy post-deployment)
  • Read 24 books (minimum 2/month)
  • Blog 5x a week
  • Quit nannying (May 1 or June 1)
  • I have a lot of sewing goals! (Make more quilts, sew skirts, pillows, quilt some gifts, and I have some projects some friends have asked me to do :)
  • Daily devotionals (both with husband and on my own)
  • More to come...

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